Start Your Own Group

Hidden Chaplains focuses on the gift of relationships, especially across that which is supposed to divide us. Whether it is through celebratory dinners or media campaigns or some other mode you dream up, the spirit of Hidden Chaplains is to help people notice and appreciate the compassion around them.

While we don’t have a prescribed methodology, we do encourage people who want to start a Hidden Chaplains project in their own place of work -whether it be a university, a hospital, a community center or place of worship- to consider the following principles:

  • Establish: Create a system (for example, a google form, a Facebook group or email) where people can send nominations
  • Nominate: Invite everyone (not just an executive committee) to nominate people that change their lives in small, yet meaningful ways
  • Reflect: Ask nominators to think about and share stories of moments when they interacted with their hidden chaplains
  • Recognize: Highlight the role that hidden chaplains play in people’s lives through a celebratory event or exhibition

Email if you would like guidance on starting a group or have any questions in general.

In addition, if you have already started a group we would love to hear about it and promote your work further! Email us with the following information and we will publish your initiatives on our website and social media pages.

  • Who you are
  • Where you work
  • What your Hidden Chaplains project looks like
  • Photos of any initiatives you pursue